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Hello, Im Jacqui, I live in Essex with my husband and 2 young sons age 4 and 6. We are looking into getting our first family dog.

W e particularly wanted a puppy as we currently own 2 80yr old tortoises who roam our garden. We hope by getting a puppy the "tortoise rules" can be set from the out. Im very worried about getting any dog for this reason and have done a lot of breed research.

We feel a cockapoo is the right breed for us but i'm not going to lie the differing exercise needs I've been told has got me a little worried. I would love to know how much exercise your dogs need.

Also I've spent months looking for a breeder. We want a house reared (not kennels) and a show cocker F1 cross. We also want exceptional health checks etc... any recommendations?
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