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Hello everyone!

My cockapoo Stella is just about 4 months. She was born 11/16/10. I have spent a lot of time out in the freezing (-20 fahrenheit wind chill) weather. :) with the potty training.

I have had 2 other cockapoos but have never started with a puppy. Had to put my 15 1/2 year old to sleep in December.

Our last dog had a lot of issues so I am working hard so Stella will not. Socializing, grooming, etc. I still can't believe that I have a dog that will jump in my lap when I sit down with a comb and brush!

I live in the States, in Iowa. I know most of you are in the UK. One difference I see is the field walking. Here, I would get in trouble for trespassing most places. I do have a fair size fenced yard and we have a walking trail close by when she is fully immunized.

My biggest problem is loose leash walking. She jumps up a lot.

I just wanted to say hello!

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Hello Jan
Nice to hear about your lil bundles. :) im newish on here too, but as you have two older dogs you'll have loads more experience....you got any pics of your bunch? Its amazing how theyall look different on here i love it!!. Ive got lil Izzy Shes 3 and a bit months old all black with bear paws she's a proper handful... sweeping brushes and any kind of brush and she goes mental so your lucky there hun. : )
hey welcome do you have any photos. such a shame about the trale being clased, have you asked any other dog walkers if their are good places to walk. or find if their is a hicking groop that might have info on good walks.
Hi Jan :)

Congrats on the new puppy! Sounds like you know what you are doing though. I can totally relate to you on the freezing weather/wind chill thing. My dog was mostly potty trained before the cold weather hit here but somedays it is really hard to force myself out the door for that walk she needs. I am tired of seeing white everywhere I look. Can't wait for Spring!
Thanks for the welcome.

I HAD two others. Sadly, they are gone now.

I think I am getting to a sassy stage.

aww she is a wee black and white, do you haqve any more photos?
Welcome Jan

She is a little cutey! I love the colouring! Sad to hear you lost your other 2 dogs hopefully your new pup will be keeping you busy!! look forward to more pics! :) x
Oh she's a beauty what lovely colouring and markings x
Hi Emmy,

Stella is beautiful! What a sweetie! I hope she is helping to fill the doggie hole in your life.

Thanks for the welcome.

I HAD two others. Sadly, they are gone now.

I think I am getting to a sassy stage.

aww sorry to hear that chick, but your newest lil bundle is gorgeous!!:)
Hi Jan & Stella....

You will know more than some of us about coakpoos, good to have you on the forum and you may have already guessed we all love pics and tales about our cockapoos....... x
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