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Hi, we have 2 cockapoo's, Rascal is 20 mths, mostly black, touch of white on nose and chin and tip of tail, Scamp is his half brother, black with white tuxedo and white paws. He is 8 mths old, his coat is not as curly as Rascals, more wavy and not as soft.
They are both spoilt and rule the house !
They get on really well together, love people, but Scamp is a scaredy cat when he first meets other dogs - brilliant when he's off the lead as he always runs back to me !
Scamp is also bigger than his brother but his dad, an apricot miniature poodle was bigger than Rascals dad, a black miniature poodle.
We have always had dogs and when our last one, a cocker died, we had about 6 dog free mths then as I'd heard of the cockapoo we went and found one !
They both bring laughter and fun to the house and we enjoy taking them away with us in our caravan, in fact we're off to the New Forest very soon !
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