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Hi, I'm Maria & I've been lurking for a while reading loads of info on this great forum. Me, my husband & 15 year old son are looking forward to getting our Cockapoo boy puppy at the beginning of September.

We were due to get a puppy last year but due to family illness & bereavement we had to postpone until this year. We are getting very excited & have already puppy proofed the garden & made a start on sorting out the house.......it's like getting ready for a toddler all over again:)
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hey welcome, what kind of cockapoo are you getting what colour, have you got a name yet, do you have any photos
Welcome! It's such an exciting time preparing for your pup. Look forward to hearing all about him.
Thanks Kendal & Helen. We're getting an apricot puppy, English CS Mum & Miniature Poodle Dad. Puppies are only 10 days old so no proper pics yet, but I will of course post some in the future, my hubby is an avid photographer so we will have loads :D
.......it's like getting ready for a toddler all over again:)
Oh, you don't know how right you are! It's exactly like that, but without nappies! (and that is not a hint for someone to post the link to the bird nappies again, thank you!) But it comes with all the fun and love and happiness too, and the toilet training is over with a lot quicker (in my experience!). You're going to love it (and hate it, but then love it again!).

Pictures, please!
Hello and :welcome: Maria... looking forward to seeing some pics of your new baby. Enjoy the forum.
Not too long to go!!! exciting times waiting for the new member of your family.
So exciting getting a new puppy especially as you've had to wait an extra year. Hope that the whole puppy experience is brilliant for you.

Julia x
Welcome Maria. Glad to see you've made the plunge from lurking to coming on board.

It is like having a baby/toddler all over again and everyone was right when they warned me it was time consuming and a real commitment. But, I'm loving it. Its so nice to have an animal the responds so well to humans and wants to interact :D
:welcome: Maria, so many new pups going to their forever homes over the next few weeks, you're in good company. Looking forward to seeing piccies of your pup :)
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