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Hi I am new to the forum.

I have a four month old Cockapoo called Busby (Buzz for short) and he is black with a white chest and chin.

I live in Scotland - just outside Glasgow and this is my first Cockapoo - previously I owned an rescued racing greyhound, who sadly died in November. In fact I've never owned a puppy before so am definitely learning every day!

My dog is great so far and I am enjoying being able to let him socialise with other dogs as my greyhound was not good with dogs apart from other greyhounds!

I wondered if anyone else finds their puppy/dog prefers lying on a cold floor to their bed. Mine doesn't really like his crate and only sleeps there when confined to it at night or when I am out/out of sight.

I've tried all the suggested tricks to get him to like it including feeding him there and leaving nice treats etc but he still kicks up a fuss when I shut the door. I've come to the conclusion he just loves company and doesn't like being shut in. Even when I'm in the room with him he whines a bit in his crate but eventually settles down.

My dog is about 22" long now from neck to tail tip, so not sure what size he will grow to.
His parents where both quite small but I've since learned that is no indication that he will be. I don't mind really as my other dog was very tall.

That's about it now now. Also he pulls a lot on the lead but since buying a slip lead he seems to have improved and I've been training him a lot to stop pulling. I'm hoping he will calm down a bit when he is an adult :)
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Hi Kendal
I will try your suggested recipe! I need to start getting some livercake. Will try chicken, cheese and pnut butter today to see if that helps. Do u make your own liver cake or buy?
Thanks for the tip. I think I just need to keep trying. Will post photos soon. I am in East Kilbride :)
Hi Dave
yes crying seems to stop as soon as I go out so I'm hoping he will just learn I don't give in to it. He is chewing things just now so I need to use it. I hope when he's older to do away with it. He hated it when I covered it and kept pulling the cover off to chew it!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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