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Hello everyone,

I thought I would join as we are planning on getting a Cockapoo next year and so are currently getting as much info and advice as possible.

I have already contacted a few local breeders to view puppies and parents and have a chat!

Any advice is welcome.

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he welcome, our three girls came from lincolishire.

are you thinking of a girl or a boy, do you have a colour you want or just going to go for the pup that picks you.
Welcome Sarah! =) Good luck on your hunt for a pup. Have you looked into any health testing or show lines?
Hi Sarah!! Godd luck on finding your new cockapoo. Don't rule out rescuing! Petfinder.com is a great way to find pure cockapoos that are rescued.
Hey Sarah! Welcome to the site. :) If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
We would probably go for a boy as we've always had male dogs, but then again might be nice to have a change! As for colour I like cream/apricot/chocolate, but my other half likes black - so it will just depend on whats available at the time - I wonder if different coloured cockapoos have different characteristics?!

I should think that as the children will be with us when we pick the decision will end up being theirs and after being without a dog in the house (very strange!) I don't think the colour or *** will matter!
Hey, welcome to the site! Good luck in your search!! :D
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