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Morning all,

New to the forums. Just a quick hello from myself, Claire and our new F1 Cockapoo, Daisy.

Daisy arrived with us last night after being on order for quite a while. She is just over seven weeks old, cream in colour and takes very much the spaniel appearance.

We will post some pictures as we get more.

We live in Derbyshire and got her from a breeder in Totley, nr Dronfield. Very impressed with the breeders, all pups raised with Mum in the house and cared for very much. Excellent starter pack. Would definately recommend to anybody looking nearby.

Mother Blue Roan Show Spaniel, Father apricot miniature poodle.

Daisy came paper trained but is already doing her business in the garden now. So far she has always asked when she needs to go out.

Daisy is being crate trained - probably a good thing as she has already taken a likeing to the table and chair legs in the kitchen. They are metal not wooden though.

I am quite a bad allergy sufferer, allergic to everything and have asthma. So far not a cough, sneeze or wheeze in sight. Hopefully this will continue to be the case.

Anyway, don't want to bore you - just thought we'd introduce ourselves!


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Hi Steve
Welcome to a very friendly club.
My wife is the same as you re alleric to everything and asthma. Parents have a jack russell and she is very allergic to that. The only time she gets a slight reaction to Darla is when she is wet (bath or swim) so it might be something to keep an eye on. But we've had Darla for 5 months now and she seems to be building up more of a tolerance to it now.
hey welcome, hope you dont have a reaction to her. i know some people who react to them as puppys but then not as adults.

cant wait to see photos.

normaly i would be rather agenst getting a puppy at 7 weeks old, but it sound like the breeder has worked very hard to make her ready.

oh and you can never bore us talking about puppys.
Welcome! Congrats on Daisy! :D My brother has allergies and asthma, but he is able to tolerate our Cocoa. It sounds like everything is going good so far :) can't wait to see some pics!
Congratulations on daisy!!! My mom and brother are allergic and have had no reaction either. Good luck!!
Welcome to the site Steve! Don't worry about the allergies. Everyone in our house is allergic to dogs and we've had no problems with Benny. :D
My husband is extremly allergic to cats and dogs. we were worried about getting Goldie
but luckily he has had no reaction to her. we wish you well with Daisy.
Some pictures as promised. Hope this works.

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aww the photos are just too cute.
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