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I am Karen and my puppy is Eddie, he is fifteen and a half weeks old and is adorable and gorgeous [there may be a photo but I am new to this so there may not be a photo at all].I have looked at the site and found it really helpful in the past , I would be grateful if anyone has any advice regarding problems we have had from other dogs whilst walking.
When Eddie was 11 weeks he had his jaw broken by a greyhound, he has made a fast recovery and is still happy about meeting other dogs unless they get a bit snarly.I try to avoid places now where dogs are off lead but even in the park this morning a huge labrador appeared off lead no owner in sight and started bounding around us, sometimes walking along the road a dog will appear and there is no way I know what they are like.Nasty little jackrussell got aggressive at the weekend I had to put a stick in between them til the owner got hold of her dog.Please can anyone tell me how to protect Eddie, I am a nervous wreck when out with him [he seems fine!]Is he too small to be out?Thanks from Karen and Eddie
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I know exactly how you feel Karen, because Dylan was badly attacked when he was 4 months old and it made me really nervous for quite a while. He was very nervy too around other dogs, but that was cured by finding a friendly pack of dogs out together. We walked round with them and Dylan got used to being surrounded by strange dogs and stopped being scared. I went through a stage of picking him up lots whenever any suspect dogs approached and I used to call ahead to the owners to check if they were friendly. It may have made him more nervous, but I needed to do it. As Dylan got bigger, I relaxed more as I felt that he was less vulnerable, and fortunately we have had no major problems with other dogs since. I got him castrated at 8 months because I believe that neutered dogs are subject to less aggression from other males, and he has also learnt to deal with other dogs really well. If a large dog approaches him, he usually lies down which seems to prevent aggression. Most dogs are fine - I find that some small dogs will growl and snap but won't go any further than that, but I do think that there is something about the smell of a puppy that confuses dogs and may make their behaviour worse. As time goes on, both of you will grow in confidence again, I'm sure.
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