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I am Karen and my puppy is Eddie, he is fifteen and a half weeks old and is adorable and gorgeous [there may be a photo but I am new to this so there may not be a photo at all].I have looked at the site and found it really helpful in the past , I would be grateful if anyone has any advice regarding problems we have had from other dogs whilst walking.
When Eddie was 11 weeks he had his jaw broken by a greyhound, he has made a fast recovery and is still happy about meeting other dogs unless they get a bit snarly.I try to avoid places now where dogs are off lead but even in the park this morning a huge labrador appeared off lead no owner in sight and started bounding around us, sometimes walking along the road a dog will appear and there is no way I know what they are like.Nasty little jackrussell got aggressive at the weekend I had to put a stick in between them til the owner got hold of her dog.Please can anyone tell me how to protect Eddie, I am a nervous wreck when out with him [he seems fine!]Is he too small to be out?Thanks from Karen and Eddie
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As long as he's had all his jabs he is fine to go out - Vincent is 13 and a half weeks old and we've just started taking him out on walks.

If I see any dogs off lead, or running towards me I scoop Vincent up and carry him until either an owner is seen and ask them if the dog is ok, or until I've walked away far enough so the dog is no longer near us.

It's sad that Eddie got hurt so young :( But try and not let it affect you and walking Eddie - walking your dog is a major part of owning one!

Hope Eddie is doing well :)
Hi, Thanks for that, even taking him out with friends for example at the weekend four adults and a border terrier, I am on the lookout for other dogs and unable to relax.The jackrussell was even with a cavalier spaniel, but he made a beeline for Eddie whilst my friends terrier got the lovely spaniel.Maybe other dogs find puppies more interesting, perhaps I should just pick him up when a dog off the lead approaches, despite the experts saying it creates fear in a dog.Karen
I would rather have a dog cautious with other dogs than risk an agressive dog off lead attack! Plus if I can have confirmation that the dog off lead are actually friendly I will always put Vincent back down to say hello.

It's all about positive re-enforcement I guess. Do you have a puppy club nearby so Eddie knows that not all dogs are scary?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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