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HI ALL!Thought It was about time I said Hello and introduce ourselves.We have had Isla our Labradoodle for 3 years and she is such a lovely dog that we decided we really wanted to get another one,after a lot of consideration we decided on getting a cockerpoo!She is an amazing little bunddle of joy!Into everything and tormments Isla to bits!Bless!Before we got her I was really worried incase we had taken on far to much as Im a childminder,have 2 boys of my own and believe me we have a CRAZY house!But she has fitted in so well and she is loved to bits,best thing we have ever done having two fantastic dogs.Will try and post some pics.


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Oh thank you,yes she is sable we really wanted a choclate girl and when we went to see her when she was a couple of days old she was choclate but has changed so much!so pleased as she is a really unusual colour.We called her Lula we just couldnt agree so the name is a mix of the names!Will try to put some pics of Isla on!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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