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Just to say a quick hello im kelly i go pick Izzy my cockapoo puppy up today im soooo excited!! She's an F2 puppy, ive only seen her four or five times but shes lovely, curly black fluff ball.:) im sure ill be asking lots of questions so please bear with me people.
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Love to bear with you, look forward to hearing about your baby ... another one up for a potential yorkshire summer meet :D
So you have plenty of people for a Yorkshire meet! I need to start keeping an eye out for people for a Herts/Beds/Bucks meet - Anyone out there interested?
You know that you and Flo are more than welcome ... maybe have to do a central ocation to all those who are interested ... after all travel lodges accept dogs :)
lol lol Im the wrong person to talk to I cant do it there are a coupl of threads on here that tell you how to do it will have a look x
If you look under the Cockapoo information section then follow the thread "my new puppy" by Janny ... Embee has put it in more detail lol x
She was from my auntie in s.yorkshire. She had a full black litter, mum was black with white patch and the dad was apricot :)
Gosh thats handy .. was it her first litter? did she have any difficulty rehoming them? Were they all curly ? x
1 - 6 of 38 Posts
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