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Hi, we have a puppy reserved, been waiting for her for 8 weeks and the time to collect her is approaching fast. She is an F1b with Miniature Poodle daddy. I am allergic and we decided to go for F1b for the curly non-shedding coat, and although she looked like she would develop nice curls, with time it seems her coat is becoming straighter. She has
a very smooth open face. We are so torn, it would break our hearts to give her up, but I won't be able to deal with the shedding 😪
Could you please advise me judging by the photos if maybe your dog was similar and ended up being curly? She has curly whiskers, but her face doesn't have any fluffiness whatsoever.

The first photo is at 6 weeks old and the last two are from today - 8 weeks old. Her face and back of the head are very Cocker and she hasn't developed any curliness, if anything, it looks like her coat got straighter. Please help

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