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Help! Any ideas what's wrong??

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I took Dylan for a walk this morning and he was in and out of the river. He was absolutely fine. When we got home, he lay down in the hall and I later heard him winging. There is something wrong and I just can't work out what. Every few minutes he goes mad and flies around in circles really distressed. He won't get up if I call him, and if he does then he is in great distress. It seems to be centred on one of his front paws, but I've checked it and can't find anything wrong. I've checked his pad and when I press or manipulate the paw and leg it doesn't seem to hurt him. I've checked his ears and all his body and can't find anything wrong. Any suggestions please??
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Has he been to the bathroom since you posted this??? Oh poor Dylan, I hope he is ok. Keep us updated. I can't think of what it could be especially if he would let you touch his paw
No he hasn't been to the bathroom. He's a little calmer now, but still having these turns every 10 minutes or so. I'm not sure if it's his paw or whether he's using the paw to paw at somewhere that's hurting him :confused:
I just found him hiding at the bottom of the garden. Don't want to rush him off to the vets but I'll have to see how he goes :(
poor guy. I hope he is ok. Strange that he is acting so not himself.
He's now hiding in the loo. It's cool on the floor there and he's been there for a couple of hours. I'm now wondering if it's something internal, like earache, as I can't find anything external wrong.
He's hiding away by himself...for hours...poor guy, that isn't normally like him is it???
does he have more ear wax than normal???
Take him to the vet; mine always surprise me, they usually have a good idea what is wrong. My cat was poorly and I thought she had a tummy upset, they wanted to do xrays and determined a cystic kidney that needed urgent surgery, you just never know! It is always better to see them and have them say 'don't worry', than miss something that could be important.
Love to you both, I know how worrying it all is, Iz has a tummy upset and we are now on day three with no improvement on the chicken and rice - so if no improvement tomorrow I am off to the vet! She was munching on something in the field on Friday and goodness knows what it might have been! xx
Do give bio-yogurt as well Cara - that's really good for bad tummies. Wish Iz better. I'm going to try to keep Dylan at home today and take him to the vet in the morning if there's still a problem, but knowing me I'll end up at the emergency vet tonight :(
Oh, poor Dylan! I hope you figure it out soon and that it is nothing serious.

And I hope Iz's tummy feels better soon!
Our guys do that when they get a ant on them. They don't understand what the sharp pain is from and it really freaks them out to just be bite by a invisible enemy.

Because he was fine tell you got home I wouldn't take him to the vet, I think he just picked up something, it doesn't sound like something physical is damaged or anything. At least wait a day. If you have any dawn dish soap or the such you could soak his legs in it down to the skin, it'll kill bugs if he has any on him.
I was going to say could he have been bitten or stung? His behviour is really like Betty's after her recent spaying when she could obviously feel her stitches/wound itching or puling and she'd spin round madly in a circle a number of times and then throw herself down. It was very disconcerting.

Hope Dylan is ok!
Just back from the vets - decided to take him rather than risk a bad night. They can't make out what it is either. Seems most likely to be his paw and possibly a bite or sting. I had to carry him to the car as he wouldn't get up or walk at all at home, then when I got to the vet he leapt out of the car and ran across the road to the vet and then jumped around inside there - typical! They've given him an anti-inflammatory injection and told me to let them know in the morning how he is. He's certainly a lot better now - he's walking, but still in distress every now and then. Thanks for all your suggestions x
Aaw. Glad it's nothing too serious. I've been checking this thread all day to hear the updates.

Typical that he bounded into the vets! Ha!! I had a dog once that hurt her paw and spent a day limping around on 3 legs, holding her paw out in front of her. She got lots of sympathy and cuddles and treats. I gave her paw a couple of salt baths. However, when she realised we were about to go for a walk without her she suddenly recovered and started leaping around on all 4 paws!! (Don't worry - not suggesting Dylan's making it up in the slightest! It just reminded me of that!).

Is he eating?
Hope he stays on the mend...poor guy
I think if Flo had jumped into water then began acting out of character my first reaction would be to shower and wash her then brush her through. It's difficult to work out what is troubling them isn't it as his problem maybe totally unrelated to jumping in and out of the water.
Hope Dylans a bit brighter now and that tomorrow there'll be no sign of whatever was up its so difficult, take care x
Hi Helen,

Gosh, what a traumatic day for you! I''m only just catching up cos my laptop is broken. Is Dylan okay today? It does sound like a more extreme version of what Rosie was like when she got nettle stings, so maybe it was a sting of some sort?
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