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Help! I can't tire her out

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Hi Guys,

I should grateful for some advice please?

We took home our new puppy last Saturday. She was 12 weeks old yesterday (Wednesday).

Our concern is how much she has changed since we met her. She is no longer content to cuddle up on the sofa. All she wants to do is play! I know this sounds a good thing and it is in some respects it is but it is completely tiring us out!. We have been taking her for 4, 30 mins walk a day and I tried to take her for a 5th time yesterday evening but she refused as we began to walk up the road. I tried picking her up and walking with her for a few steps as this usually propels her to keep going but she refused. I took her back inside and she just went 'mental' running around and trying to bite me playfully. I keep trying the trick of giving her toy to distract her but it doesn't take her long before she is coming over to me again. I then put her back in her crate with a struggle. This is a fight as she pushes and gets back out before I can close the door. However I finally got her back in and she went to sleep.

Have you any suggestions please on how to calm her? I start back to work tomorrow and we have a puppy sitter coming in three times a day to walk her and play but I am not enjoying the whole experience at the moment if all we are going to be able to do is walk and crate her.

Also, I am thinking of reducing her feed from 2.5 half dessert spoons of Royal Canin Mini Junior 3 times a day to 2 spoons 3 times a day to perhaps reduce her energy levels? Is this cruel or could this help?

Any comments gratefully received.

Thank you
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Puppies do love to play, but usually have plenty of quiet times as well. I definitely would not reduce her food, as that probably would not affect her energy but might hamper her growth. A hungry pup might be more restless. You could think about changing her food to one of the natural ones with no cereal, or to a raw diet, as the carbs do tend to cause hyperactivity. You could also give her a raw bone to gnaw on which might give you some peace and enable her to work off some energy. Are you walking her on or off lead? On-lead walks will not enable her to run off her energy, so I would definitely recommend off-lead, but 4 walks a day is quite a lot. If you can take her somewhere where she can run and explore off-lead then you should be able to cut the number of walks down if you want to. I would try to establish a routine, so that she gets to know what to expect. Eg.-10 minutes play, breakfast, walk, rest time, 10 minutes play, lunch, walk, rest time etc. They do learn routines really fast and then she'll start to understand the times when she is expected to amuse herself while you do other things. I work at home most of the time, and after a morning walk Dylan does not bother me at all until around 4 ish when he knows that it's getting close to afternoon walk time and will jump up every time I get up! Don't stress too much, it's early days for you yet, and she will settle down once she understands the day's schedule.
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what food is she on.

do you have any interactive toys for her. have you let her off lead yet. even on a long line(not a flexi lead) she may just need a good run rather than a walk. have you started training with her yet.
The older Vincent is getting the less he wants to cuddle and snooze the more he wants to play...!
I think the best thing to do is just try and keep up with it knowing that it won't be forever!!
I wonder if the problem is that you have walked her too much in the early days so now it is harder to wear her out as the older she gets the more it takes to tire her out so the more you have to walk her. This is what a friend of ours told us about Pixel which does make sense. Four walks does sound alot though, maybe you should try doing two long walks which really tire her out rather than four short walks. Pixel needs two walks a day and so gets a short one in the morning and a long one in the afternoon/evening she is very hyper if she only gets one walk.

Do you have a garden? As she tends to sprint around the garden at top speed for a while if she is on a high, or we play with her in the house as our long hall is perfect for throwing her toys down for her to fetch.

Do you let her off the lead and are you walking in the countryside where there is lots of opportunity for her to run? Sometimes Pixel gets back from a 45 minute walk and is very hyper (particularly if it's raining) so I went back to walking her for longer and this seems to work. I also allow plenty of opportunity for her to play with other dogs so she tires herself out running in circles without me needing to do anything! I also take a ball and throw it for her alot. She is pretty hyper when we are out and has tonnes of energy so everyone can tell she's a young dog but then is normally ok when we get home.

Hope it works, but at the end of the day she is a puppy and they have lots of energy.
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Hi Guys,

Thank you for your replies.

We have only had her since Saturday. We didn't get any sleep for the first couple of nights so we upped the walks and this has meant she now sleeps through the night!

We live in central Birmingham and until I am convinced that she will come back to me when I call her name, (which she is just learning) I cannot let her off the lead as the roads are too busy.

We have a 100ft garden but until we manage to fully proof the garden we have currently put a fence 8ft into the garden on the grass. Before this is a patio area of about 25ft outside the kitchen. So she can have a run around but we have to closely supervise as the patio is edged by small stones which she frequently picks up. Also there is a cat (not ours) who stalks and is not very friendly.

My husband has the car during the week and works away and so I cannot take her to a countryside park until the weekends.

Also, because the first couple of days she barely ate anything (I did try a little ped chum to tempt her- she didn't like it) I am not keen to change her diet so soon. Therefore I think for now I should just stick with the Royal Canin but note your comment that reducing the feed could stunt her growth which I do not want to do.

Sorry any other suggestions please......
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I am afraid that as cute as they are puppies are a pain in the behind quite alot of the time:D
I would take the suggestion of giving her a nice big bone to chew and get a kong toy which you can stuff with all sorts of tasties, it will keep her occupied, you could put her portion of food inside instead of feeding her from a bowl and it will take her longer to eat. Google stag bar dog chews and they are very good for puppies to munch on.

It sounds from your description that its interaction with you that she wants as she refused to walk again for a 5th time, 4 walks a day is loads for a puppy.If you think only last week she was spending all day playing with her siblings, its a big change to be on their own and not get bored. Its brain exercise your little pup is asking for rather than phsical exercise, all of the things above will keep her busy for a while, good luck:)
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stay, well clear of ped or bakers. she just needs to learn to amuse herself. teach her to be on her own. leave a light lead on her so you can get controle of her without touching her. it is early days so things will settle down.
Even in the centre of Birmingham, are there not any small parks or playing fields within reach where you could let her run around? You don't need a huge country park. Or do you know any other local dog owners who you could join and hitch a ride with? I'm sure she would enjoy the company too. If you are nervous about letting her off lead then I would suggest a long 10 metre training line. You can hold the end and let the rest drag so she feels like she is off-lead. You can practice your recall until you are confident that she comes back, then let go of the end. If you need to catch her, it's easy with the line dragging behind her - you only need to grab the line. I would be a little wary of too long a walk though, as long walks are not recommended for young puppies.
Again thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate the support.

We live close to a couple of small parks but they are all close to busy roads and so while I can take her there I cannot let her off the lead. I will look at getting a training line though.

Maddie does have a Kong in her crate and a toy whale. I have also put my husband and my worn t shirts in with her crate. I will look at getting some Stag Bar Dog Chews too. Can you leave a puppy unsupervised with one?

I am still really worried about tomorrow. These are my plans. I will take her for a walk first thing about 0715 for 20 minutes. Come back and give her some food. I intend to play with some toys with her for another 5 minutes and then put her in her crate. I will have my breakfast and leave her then until our dog walker comes at 1030. She will either then take her for another walk or play for 40 minutes. Maddie will then go back into her crate until the dog walker comes back at midday for feeding and playtime. At about 4pm the dog walker will return and play/walk again for 40 minutes. I should get home about 630 and feed, play and take for a walk. I would love at this time for her to be able to sit with me on the sofa until bedtime. Do you think this will work or am I living in cloud cuckoo land!
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No!!!!! You will definately get to that, she is just too young at the moment that will be at least a couple of months away, there is a whole lot of puppyhood to live through first:D:D
Your routine sounds really good to me, she just needs time to learn it, perseverance is the key :)
Thank you Karen. I am really quite depressed at the moment and to think I was so excited last weekend. I just want the best for Maddie but I am struggling to find the way to do it whilst keeping us all happy.
Sage (aka Helen)
Hi Sage, I think someone already mentioned it but I would concentrate more on mental stimulation than physical exercise at this stage. As your puppy is so young they shouldn't be over walked anyway. In some of the time you have scheduled for 'play' get some training treats and focus on teaching a new command or trick. When Obi was younger he always seemed to have a mad hour in the early evening, usually after I had put the kids to bed and I just wanted to sit down! My trainer advised me to mentally tire him out with training so each evening I taught him something new or recovered something he wasn't doing so well. It worked really well. After 30 mins of training (which could be inside or outside) he was ready to settle down and snuggle next to me on the sofa.
Thank you Clare - I can hear that Maddie has just woken upand so I am going to go to her now, put her lead on and armed with some treats try to teach her, her name. It's a start at least!
Helen I know exactl how you feel, I mean you choose a lovely puppy amd so look forward to bringing them home and then..........................all hell lets loose!!!!!!
Our house was awful when we first bought Weller home and stayed like that for 2 months. Kids hated him because he was biting them, hubby hated him because he was biting the kids,he was eating anything and everything including washing hanging on the line, we were arguing as I was trying to tell him its all normal and he would grow out of it, secretly thinking I had made a huge mistake!!!! It really was hard work and don't mind telling you I shed many tears along the way BUT it does change, it just settles down, bit by bit.
So it will be hard for a while but if you expect that and then any thing good that happens or that she learns is such a huge bonus. Baby steps, well puppy steps, don't expect too much and then she can't fail to please you xx
Thank you Karen for your kind words. I am just tired (wish Maddie was!). I hope we get there soooon.
Helen, I agree with the others about mental stimulation ... first things they will learn is: their name, recall, sit, walk to heel ... once you are at training classes you will know exactly what to practice ... all with tasty treats.

I have found, perversely, that if they are physically exercised more, they become more hyper ... so maybe less walking and more mental stimulation/play. Some good chew toys are helpful too ... and you should find she sleeps a fair bit at that age too. Its really very early days for you ... it will all settle into a routine, and you will be able to enjoy her then.

Hope things improve ... keep us posted. Sue x
Thank you Sue. I think she is already mastering her name today and she seems 70% of the time to fetch a ball I have thrown to her if she gets a rewarding treat. I just need to find a way to distract her as she is quite keen on eating plants in the garden even when we are playing with the ball. She is a terror with picking up stones too. I always seem to have my hand in her mouth!
We've all been there in some way Helen, I can remember pacing the floor with my 5 week old son sobbing and begging him to sleep. The good thing about puppies is a) they go through phases much quicker b) you can crate them and leave them for a bit if it all gets too much! It sounds like you have a good plan, I'd echo what the others have said about having things for Maddie to do - Izzy will chew happily on one of her bones so we can eat our supper in relative peace. Try to catch up on some sleep - it's amazing how much easier it all is if you can get a good night's sleep :hug:
Cockapoos are certainly are very active. Dexter has 3 half hour walks a day on weekdays, longer ones at weekends and tears around non-stop on all of them! He is rarely tired when we get back from his walks. What really does tire him out though is when he plays with other lively dogs so perhaps meet up with some other dogs of similar age/energy and walk them together. He has always slept very well at night so I can't complain!
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