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Help please!!!

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My new puppy is clean on paper in the house but I don't know how to transfer that to the garden. I put the paper on the decking and sat out there with him for ages and he showed no interest in the paper but once back inside he went on the paper. I haven't put him on the grass yet as not sure if it is ok for him to eat it and am sure that he would try. pls can I have some advice on this.
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I don't think I can help since we did not really use paper or pads with Tilly.
I just kept the back doors open all summer and even now they are open most of the time brrrr!!
But I would not worry about your puppy eating grass I really don't think it will hurt him.
Sorry not much help!
Thanks, maybe I will try him on the grass tomorrow then instead of paper on the decking and see how that goes. Fingers crossed:)
I didn't use paper or pads, but I took Dylan out every hour and made a big fuss with a treat whenever he obliged. Choose a command word like "hurry up" or "potty" and they soon learn to go on command if you reward success.

I used this spray to help. I would spray it where I wanted Lolly to go, she would take a quick sniff and do a wee there straight away :D That would then give us a behaviour to name and reward.
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Thanks everyone. I just took him out after his meal and he did a poo in the garden!
poos are eaisier to predict though. I will try the every hour tip for the wees. I've taken the paper away, so bound to get some accidents but really want him to go outside.
Thanks Janet, I have found the spray selling at pets4homes, i'll go and buy tomorrow.
Good luck! It does get easier even though it might not feel it at times.
We went straight to garden when we got Cookie, he's 9 weeks now. I leave the door open nearly all day and alot of the predicted wee's are done outside however he still does the odd wee in the house. He's dry and clean at night in his cage. He spends alot of time in the garden, playing with my daughter chasing the cats and mooching about in the bushes!!!
Grass is great!
Wet grass def seems to encourage the pups to wee!
We initially tried using paper and puppy pads but in the end we've found it much more effective to let him out every hour or so and really praise him when he poops/wees. He now can go a few hours without needing the loo :D
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