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Help, strategies needed to avoid being nipped when clip/unclip lead

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Stevie is now 17 weeks and an absolute joy, but we are still struggling to clip and unclip her lead without being nipped. I realise she is still young, but I don't want this behaviour to become a habit.:(
We have been to Puppy Socialisation, and are now attending Puppy Good Manners. As she was pulling whilst on the lead and nipping when I clipped the lead onto her collar we were recommended to get a harness which we have done. However, she still nips when we clip the lead on or take it off, with the harness you clip into a d ring on her back.
When we are out walking I make sure when we practise recall and I put the lead on it's not always the end of the walk. Have also tried distracting her with food or toys to try and clip/unclip without getting nipped.
I wondered if it was just because she gets so excited, we are taking her out for 2/3 short walks a day and always try to ensure she gets an off lead run about.
Does anyone else have experience of this or any tips or suggestions they could make that we could try, as the rest of the time she rarely nips.
Thank you:)
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first off harness wont do anything to help the nipping and i personaly beleave it only makes pulling wors.

for the nipping sit with him and soem treats, touch his collar give him a treat do this as many times as it takes but he will relize with in a couple of times that if he lets you ge gets a treat.

start with just a tap, one he is letting you tap/touch his collar, work on keeping your hand they for a couple of seconds longer. till you can hold it. again give treats when he does well.

then get the lead, dont clip it, just hold it and again tap the collar and treat. do the same as above then try clipping and un clipping using the same tequnec.

it will get the the point that he will push his head to you wanting you to touch his collar.

this works for feet, tale, ears, teeth eyes etc
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Much like Kendals method Ive taught mine to sit for a treat which they get once the lead is clipped on. Keeps them focused enough to keep still and not do anything else. It may also be a real excitement thing about getting out so lots of repetitions but taking the lead straight back off so she gets bored with it and then when you are going out put the lead on before putting on your coat/ other before going out clues which would build her excitement up making her more liable to nip.

Like Kendal Im not a fan of harnesses. Thats what you use when you want something to be pulled so Ive never got the logic of using them to stop pulling (I know they will work great for some folk...). They are also even more of a footer to put on.

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I agree with Kendal and Soo.

I am a fan of harnesses though! Not to stop pulling (really dislike the stop pull ktype harnesses) but purely to reduce strain on a dogs neck while it learns to walk nicely. I have had a dog before with spinal injuries and although his problems were nothing to do with using a collar it does make you more aware of possible harm and I do all I can to reduce jarring on a sensitive area.
I would have said exactly what Kendal mentioned...it's a technique we were taught in our puppy class too!
Also not a fan of harnesses for pulling problems....
I too would go down the route Kendal has suggested- mine all sit to go on/off lead and also are made to wait once the lead is off until they are told 'go play' (makes them a little more patient!!)
Hattie gets excited when I go to put lead on I use Ceaser Millans "claw" hold on her neck just light pressure but you would be amazed how chilled they get. She is getting better and on most days now sits for collar. Don't like idea of harness, horses are harnessed to pull a load, Huskies are harnessed to pull a load, it encourages them to lean into the pressure.
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