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Hi all,

This is my first post so apologies if I have put it in the wrong thread, I hope to get the hang of it soon!

We have 2 beautiful cockapoos - a 3 yr old girl and now a 12 week old boy pup.
Our 3 year old was crate trained as a puppy but we moved house twice (during pandemic from city to countryside) and she experienced various sleeping arrangements - from living room alone/ bedroom floor etc.
My partner had to go away for work a lot during her first year and I very wrongfully made the decision to allow her on the bed with me - I couldn't resist because she's so lovely to cuddle and obviously my baby!

3 years on, she's now sleeping on the bed with us every night and as much as we love her its starting to irritate our sleep schedule - she will move around from the bottom to the top of the bed/ jump on and off etc etc. We also want to make sure new young pup doesn't pick up on this so he's not allowed on at all.

We've tried various tricks and have quite a few sleepless nights of putting her on the floor over and over/ she has about 5 different beds so she's definitely comfy. The issue is that she will CRY and persistently whine all night long, she is relentless until we cave and allow her back up because we need our sleep!

I am guessing she has a form or mild separation anxiety in the night - although she stays at home with no crying/trouble - happy as anything for long periods whilst we go out. Its either that or she's a very clever girl and knows exactly how to get her way!

I know its going to take some time and its a consistency thing but if anyone else had ever experienced this it would be great to hear. We've got a gate to put at the end of our bed so she can't jump over but my biggest concern now it not wanting to allow her crying to be picked up by the new pup. (We should have dealt with her before new puppy really but you live and learn!!).

Thanks so much in advance,

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She is probably crying if ejected because she feels unhappy that the arrangement she has enjoyed is now being bought to an end and she is being told no and in her terms rejected. I think you need to sort her a super comfy bed and maybe something on the same height next to your bed so she still feels the same connection and then make it really rewarding for her to be on her bed - you could have some mini training sessions during the day so she learns to go to her new bed when asked without it being a negative in any way.

She knows that crying will get her allowed back up so you need to change things so its a positive and she has a new happy spot she wants to go to.
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