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Help !!

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Our cockapoo is nearly 10 months old and to date has been as good as gold. Completely house trained, sleeps in his bed (no crate anymore) in the kitchen and is a very good boy - until recently!

He's quite big now so i come down in the morning and he's lifted himself up to the table in the kitchen and managed to have chewed my handbag, my filofax or anything that isnt his. Im thinking this is because he is bored. Unfortunately he doesnt have a lot of his own toys as he's eaten most of them. Even the Kongs end up inside him!! The toys that are indesctructable he doesnt like and has no interest. Obviously we have moved everything out of reach now.

The other thing that is particularly concerning me is that the last 2 mornings i have come downstairs and he's fouled in the kitchen. In some places i think he's eaten it also as there is just a stain left on the floor. He has NO upset stomach and knows its wrong when i come down as his tail is between his legs. How or what can i do to stop this.
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hey, puppts do tend tp go backworda at some stage. is it only at night that he jumps on the table?

do you leave him with any chews at night.

does he poo before bed.

he is probably bord at night, what are his indestructable toys like. would it be posible to put food inside tgem abd freeze them to make them more interesting.
i agree with Kenal he is probably bored, i'd do a quick run around the block with him and leave dog chews, i put stuff in a big tub like a kids toy box and wispa has to go through the stuff to find what she wants or smells nice at the bottom! she also sleeps upstairs with us so i can hear if she sneaks out of the room!!! ;) good luck with finding what works for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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