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Hi everyone! We're new and here's Freddie! One week in and we are so thrilled, after years of waiting for the time to be right to have our own dog! We picked him up a week ago, at 8 weeks old. We met both parents, who had wonderful temperaments. Mum was a black and white English cocker (show type) and Dad an apricot miniature poodle. Interestingly, of the litter of 7, all the pups were different combinations of black and white: some plain black, others black and white mottled and 2 like our Freddie. His coat is so soft and straight, he looks and feels like a rabbit!

We have watched lots of training videos (we like the ones by Karen with Dill as she is so calm) and read lots about training, specifically managing the zoomies (he goes NUTS), nipping, etc... We think our first week has gone pretty well, all things considered! Not perfect, by any means, but pretty well! I'm sure that, as the weeks progress, we will have many issues and questions for the forum, but just wanted to say Hi and that it's good to know you're out there!

Our question: Is it unusual, does anyone know, for the pups to be so much more like the spaniel mum? And do you think he will end up shaggy or straight-coated? (Just interested - we don't mind at all which way - we are thoroughly besotted!)

Videos: I have made a short video every morning about how the nights have been going, mainly to send to my dog-loving son in Barcelona, but it will also be good to look back on them. I was wondering if that is the sort of thing that might interest people on this forum or not?? If they might be of interest to people I'll put them on youtube!

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