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He's Home!!!

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Hello All,

We picked up our cockapoo puppy, Darcy, on Thursday last week. We've read books upon books about puppies and what to do etc and felt quite prepared...

or so we thought...

Darcy is 9 weeks on Wednesday, we got him a crate to crate train him and need some advice. We have had him sleeping in our room from the first night. Tried him on his own in the kitchen Sunday night and it was a disaster, while he didn't cry ALL night he was quite distressed when we got up and he'd gone potty in his crate. So last night we put him back into our room and he settled great, a little whine but soon settled down, up for his midnight potty and then slept till Mr H got up at 7:15 as he had to go into work and then we slept till 9:45 this morning.

He's in his crate now for his nap and he is no bother at all, has started going into his crate of his own accord and is coming along nicely at going outside for potty. We rarely have an accident in the house.

I just need advice on getting him to spend time on his own and how to start thinking about him sleeping on his own downstairs. We've read so many different opinions on what to do and are totally confused. Also I'm conscious that I don't want him barking while we're out and upsetting the neighbours. We're on holiday for two weeks with him to get him settled in.

Should he stay in our room longer, how do we get him to not cry when we're not there. I know he's still young but we don't want him to start out on the wrong foot as we want him to be a happy puppy

Thanks all...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's a pic of the wee man too



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its a little and often thing, remember he has just come away from sleeping with his litter he has never been on his own. he will naturaly want to spend time with you. just work with what you think is best, our Delta is still bouncing between my room and my mums room. we cant pop her in the crate yet as the other three still arent 100% comfertable with her yet, still got some growling.

as for the toilet in the crate, what time was last feed, did he poo before bed, did you get up at any point to let him out for the tpoilet during the night.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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