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Hey, I'm new here...

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Hey, I'm new here, My name is Dani, and I have one Cockapoo, her name is Angel :p She's ten years old and off white, I was looking on the internet for why mom baby is so vocal, and found this, lol.

The haircut she has in the pic (I hope its there) was done by me x.x
So I was just saying Hai :3


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hey welcome. what a lovely girl, lovely and slim aswell, so many older dogs are so fat. would love to see more photos of her.

lol have you found the reason she is so vocal lol
Hi Danni and Angel glad you joined .... she must just have an opinion x x
Hi guys, thanks, and yeah, turns out she gets it from her mom! She was very very vocal, and sounds just like my Angel, she does have a very strong opinion, lol. Yeah, she is really slim, I think she weighs 7 lbs, my cousin is always saying how freaky skinny she is but she doesn't eat much! :)
my gypsy is the exact same.
Welcome to the site Dani and Angel! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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