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I am just in the process of researching to buy a cockapoo for my two daughters 9 and 4 for Christmas. I absolutely love the look of the cockapoo with its shaggy coat and the size is perfect not too big for the children and not too small for my husband! However my main priority is the temperament, although my girls know to respect animals I will of course have other children in the house so a friendly and confident nature is a must. Is there a difference in personality between the different cocker breeds and between boys and girls? Also what amount of exercise do they need?
Any information would be much appreciated!
Thanks x
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hey welcome,
i have all girls and they love kids. my lot are incredably sooky with people.
this is my little brother who is 7 working my Eldist girl Gypsy http://youtu.be/rCgG5YxPjGs

as for exorsize they can vairy, some would be happy if they were out all day, others woudl be satisfied with an hours run around
Kendal that's a brill video , such a good girl:)
Welcome Hey,
Going by our two dogs (Boy and a Girl, 18 and 14 months old) they have to put up with my daughter dressing them up and putting them in a pushchair and pushing them around. Holly seems to love it and Bayley seems to just put up with it. As for walks Holly you have to chase around the garden to get her lead on as she doesn't want to go out and Bayley just stands there waiting but once they are out and about they love it but are not bothered about being out too long. I think Cockapoos are perfect for kids or our two certainly are for our two children who are 9 and 12. We looked into the breed alot as my husband and some of my childrens friends have asthma and allergies and since having our two dogs we have had no problems at all and best of all no hair everywhere.
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