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Hi All!

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I just adopted a one year old cockapoo! What should I expect! Just picked her up today!
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How exciting! Do you have pics? Tell us more about her - coloring, age, personality. Welcome!
hey welcome, what is her history.
have you already spent some time with her.
what did the owners tell you about her.
why were they rehoming her.
what food is she on.
she might be a little unsettled the first couple of nights.
Getting a cockapoo was the best thing we've ever done! Lola-Star is only 11 weeks old but she is adorable and such fun!
She is getting very cheeky so I would recommend removing anything that's at doggy height that might take her fancy to chew on! Lots of toys, games to play and walkies plus loads of cuddles!
Hope you get on well!
Hi and Welcome! :D

Ditto everything Kendal said! Do tell us more about her background! :)

I imagine at one year old she will be going through a bit of a teenage rebeelion stage so you may have your work cut out with her training but she will come out the other side! :D Is she your first dog?

Good luck with your first day and let us know how you get on. :)
Hi everyone. Still trying to figure out to get a picture up of her. She is doing GREAT! I got her because her owner couldn't handle being a single mom and having a dog! She is a great dog. She rarely barks. Only if someone is at the door or she sees herself in my mirror! One thing I have noticed is she does have submissive urination problems. I read up about it online and I am a bit nervous! I hope she stops soon.
Also forgot to mention, she is white with a little yellow. She is VERY obedient. I have already taught her not to come into the kitchen and it's only day 2!!! Also right now I have her on Rachael Ray Nutrish..a dry dog food.
She sounds lovely, what a good girl! :)

I have never come across submissive unrination in a dog before, when does she do it? I am presuming it is not just because of her changing homes?
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