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Hi brand new owner

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Hi am a brand new owner to a black cockapoo puppy called yazmin. She is a f2 so that means her dad is a cockapoo and also her mummy. Iv had her a week she is a joy to be with and I love her so much look forward to meeting you all. Hayley and yazmin :)
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Ah she's so fluffy! Gorgeous! Oh and welcome :D
Welcome Hayley, Yazmin is gorgeous!
aww such a cute wee face. welcome
Thank you. :)
Welcome Hayley and Yazmin- she is beautiful.
hiya hay and yaz lovely pic of the little one keep in touch she may be responsible for the next generation F3s nice to see you joined the forum its good fun and very addictive janice xxx
Hi welcome , little cutie.... its a good job your rugs is nt black lol x
Lol Karen, so true!

Lovely looking pup, congrats!
Yes good job the rug is not black lol Thanks all for your comments :cool:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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