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Hi everybody! Glad to be here!

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I have an adorable 13 week old puppy but I am a first time dog owner with a lot of questions! I'm glad to have found this site!
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Hello and :welcome: ! What is your puppy called? I'd love to see some pictures :D
:welcome: Emily and mummy, puppy pics please :)
Hi and Welcome.. enjoy the cockapoo chat :)

Tell us all about your puppy please.. we love puppy talk

I guess she is called Emily.
What colour is she?
Where did you get her from?
What mix is she English/ American cocker with mini or toy poodle?
Pics are loved on here too ...

Have fun on here .. we are all cockapoo loving people and nice with it .. although a bit giggly sometimes xxxx
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I'm a first time dog owner too and this site has been an absolute mine of brilliant information.

Looking forward to seeing some photo's. Go via Photobucket, its the easiest way. :D
Welcome Emily's mommy! As has already been said ......photos of your pup please! Ask anything, there are folk on here who have a lot of experience. :)

Hope you enjoy the forum.

Karen xx
hey welcome.
Hello and welcome,cant wait to see pics of your puppy xxx
hi there and welcome! can't wait to see pictures! can you tell we all love pictures???
Thank you for the greetings everybody! Emily is a mix of a white toy poodle and a chocolate American cocker spaniel. She is all chocolate like her dad. We got her from a wonderful breeder in South Carolina, USA. I hope to upload some pics but I can't figure out how! (yes, I am slightly computer illiterate but am getting better!). Hopefully I will do it shortly.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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