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Hi from new Cockapoo owner

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Hi, Our dog has been with us now for 2 months and is 19 weeks old.
on 4/10/10. His names STANLEY. Stanleys dam is an English Cocker and sire is miniature poodle. Both parents are Kc registered.
Stanley is our first dog. My wife and two girls aged 13 & 4 have never owned dogs in our familes before. I put lots of thought into choosing our breeder and breed over nearly 2 years. This forum has proved great, imformative reading. Stanley has settled well into our family. I'll attach photos soon. Stanley is now a major part of our lives. I would go as far to say puppy ownership is on a par to having children but things are getting easier. I look forward to being an active regular contributor to the forum.
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hey welcome. looking forward to seeing photos of stanley. sounds like he has slotted right into the family.
Welcome to the site. I'm glad you joined us. :) Let's see some pictures of Stanley!
Welcome! It sounds like everything is going great! Can't wait to see some pics of Stanley!! :D
Photos of Stanley

I have finally got round to resizing some pictures for you all. Stanley is 22 weeks (5 months old today). We think he's about ready for his first haircut. He is doing well and has been attending training classes with us once a week for the last two months. He seemed to learn really quickly initially and soon picked up sit, stay, down etc. However he seems to be testing us at the minute and not always doing as he's told. We assume this is just his adolescent stage he's going through. thanks


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most groomers prefer to wait till around 7-8 months for a propper clip. but im sure he would get in for a tidy up. very cute wee boy.
im new to this site as well
welcome stanley is adorable :)
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