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Thanks all for the welcome!

Ali we are from just outside Bonnybridge in Falkirk.

Calli she isnt from one the big breeders but a pet litter. The owner did assure me all the proper testing of the parents had been done and I dont know if the bigger breeder have their pups kennelled but one my musts for a pup was that it was raised in a home with all the noise and action of a family. Both pups come from homes with younger children in them so wont find my two too much of a culture shock.

I'm impatiently waiting but it will prob be between 11 and midnight before they get in...
Hi and welcome, Sheilagh - I am from Grangemouth, and glad to see some more local poos - we are thin on the ground around these parts.:)
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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