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Welcome! Josie, man do I love that name lol. I got it set aside for a future dog and everything! Good pick. :)

To help with house training, only give her food and water at set times. Be sure to pick it up well before bed! Get ether a x-pen or a crate so when you have to leave for anytime at all she can be safe. And even though she is a little young for it, if she's having a really hard time of HT try leashing her to you if she doesn't go potty at the half hour potty break mark and keeping her with you until her next trip outside. Most dogs give clear signals before they go, so having her close all the time will help you see them. Remember at her age it's your responsibility to take her out, not hers to remind you! Don't get mad at her for accidents, but get mad at yourself lol. She's just a baby, she can't be held accountable for a few months, at least. Good luck!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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