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Hi I am the proud owner of FIFI a 13 month old Cockapoo, I have had her for 9 months now as she was 16 weeks when I got her from a breeder. FIFI is adorable and I am so delighted with her, she has a lovely temperament and is highly intelligent.

I have a couple of questions if I may, firstly FIFI is black and white in colour, black all over except for white chest and back paws, however I have noticed since her last cut that there are what appears to be grey hairs growing, I think they are grey as they are quite coarse to the touch. Has anyone else experienced this as I read somewhere that dogs can go grey when stressed! I would find this hard to believe as FIFI is a really happy and pampered dog.

Also she has started to scrath alot and is quite scurfy, I have tried a specialist shampoo for itching etc and although it makes her coat silky she is still scratching. Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you resolve it.

I will sign off for now by saying Wow how intelligent are Cockapoo's my friend and I train FIFI for an hour every night and have taught her to pick up her toys and put them in a toy box!!! Along with many other tricks. She picks new tricks up within about 10 minutes.

I do still have a problem with her jumping up at people who come in the house though, so again any advice to stop this would be great.

Thanks and it is lovely to be part of the Cockapoo community.:eek::)

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hey welcome, the gray hairs are normal My inca has lodes and had them from when she was a pup, she has gotten more as she has gotten older.

what food is she on(some dogs can have isuses with ingredients such as wheet, chicken, beef addatives, colours etc), have you checked her for flees, is her skin looking inflamed, is her skin dry and flakey, have you tried a cod liver oil tablet in her dinner.

the jumping up, if you know someone is coming round pop a lead on her tell her to sit, let them in, tell her to stay, if she jumps up give her a lead correction and say "off" also tell anyone coming to your house to help you train her by ignoring her if she jumps(nicer way of telling them not to touch her as she is in training)
this is something that need consitancy. we still have the jumping in the house because we arent concistent with it, im trying to get controle i final seem to have gotten every one in the house to keep the dogs off the couch, the jumpping will be next on my list.

would love to see photos of FIFI
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