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Hi i have a 10 month old female cockapoo who is such a darling but has a wicked sense of humour
i have always had rescues but when my rescue staffie of 18 years passed away my rescue bailey was traumatised so bad as he sat by the front door for 3 days refusing to eat and was very depressed so i decided to get him a playmate after a great deal of thought and reading up of the breed.
bailey was involved from the first meeting before bringing her home, he interacted with her at 7 weeks and then we finally collected her at 10 weeks he sat in the back of the car with myself and millie in her transport cage until we got home.
Bailey was with her in every aspect of her training and she gradually learned from him and after 5 days of me standing outside in garden in all weathers waiting for her to do her business which she would be so proud when finished lots of praise and a treat she was house trained
only 1 accident in 10mths and that was my fault so that was a big achievement and biggest goal
I have had no issues with chewing destruction or jealousy
she is Baileys world they play all day they eat together sleep together and protect me together they love going for walks and the car
best decision i ever made
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