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hi i am new on here i having been looking for a cockapoo for 3 months now lost count of how many hours i have been online but i am going to view a pup in a few weeks cant wait:)
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Hi Andy I know the feel I was checking all the sites every day if not more than once a day ... just incase I'd missed anything , good luck with your baby, how exciting keep us upto date x
Why do you think Im on here all the time....it just takes the place of looking for a puppy lol (sad !!!) x
I agre Dylansmum ... how can you walk away, unless something is really bad. Are they a home breeder? Where did your friend get her puppy from ? x
Id speak to your customers just to get an idea... but i assume you ve spoken to the local breeder you should get an idea from talking to her make sure she only breeds from her bitch once a year, see if you can see the dad as well and ask if they parents are optigen eye tested. Also I spoke to one home breeder and the pups werent first generation they were F1b a cockapoo mum and a poodle dad , which is ok if thats what you want . A home breeder is ideal if you talk to them and get a feel cos if the pups are raised in a home environment with all the noises and handling they could nt get a better start. Not that dangerous to visit ... more a figure of speech .. you need to .. I walked away from one breeder even though the pups looked lovely cos they had cockapoos in this pen labradoodles in this pen and so on and so on ... did question when i got home though whether I should just have had one.. if its not right you'll be able to walk away . Talk to them then go and see ... good luck trust your judgment x x
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Murphy what alovely name ... what colour is he x
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