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Home boarding for Boston in Feb-Mar 2012

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We are heading back to Oz for 4 weeks next year (first time in 5 years!). Poor little Boston will have to stay in lonely London, so we have started looking into some professional kennels around our area.

However, the thought of putting Boston in a kennel for 4 whole weeks just doesn't sit well with me. And so, I wanted to ask if there was anyone on the IMLC who would be interested in boarding him within their home?

I am going to feel so guilty about leaving him, that I think it would help if he stays with someone I know in a loving home, rather than in a kennel. Plus, I know a fellow ILMC owner would smother him in puppy love as we would.

Dates are from around 17 Feb to 20 Mar 2012 and we would prefer someone who lives within the M25 in London and who is home most of the day. Obviously, we would sort out all expenses etc.

And a bit about Boston...he will be around 7 months old by Feb. We have been working hard on his training and he already has good manners. He is a sweet little boy, who loves to play, train, spend time with you and have a cuddle. We absolutely adore him and are going to miss him terribly. And if anyone needs any more convincing...here he is having a cuddle with my hubby yesterday.

PM me if you are interested and we can take it from there.
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Have you tried asking Wellerfeller? She home boards 'poos and lives just north of London.

We left Lolly for 3 weeks for a holiday when she was 6 months old. She stayed with friends and had a fantastic time. She's since stayed with another friend overnight (who has previously looked after our mutual friends dog who is definately a bit depressed when his owner leaves him) and she reassured me that Lolly was her usual self with no depression. I think it's good for them to get used to having sleepovers from a young age!
Have sent u a mail.... We are looking at getting another puppy in September so would be great practise :)
Hi Lozza,

Gutted as Marcus and I (who live in Putney) would have been delighted to have looked after Boston - we met him at Jukee Doodles a while ago and thought he was gorgeous!

Unfortunately, by then we will have our own pup so I don't think we will be able to :(

Good luck with your search

Turi x
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