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Home made toys

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Hi, I'm wondering if any of you had made anything for your pups that they love to play with? having recently seen soft toys with plastic bottles already inside for the dogs to crunch and knowing that many of your dogs have a love for socks I have decided to make a toy for Dudley (when I finally get him!) which will basically be a plastic bottle in a sock with a knot to hold it in. does that sound like a good idea? and do you have any others? x
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Hey people spend a fortume on toys for their dogs and half the time they would rather play with on old bottle or an old sock. Let us know how how you get on.
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Hi Dawn, I have heard of owners making toys which include balls and bottles in socks etc .. I think it is a lovely idea.. not sure how long they will last, but I am sure Dudley will love it ... even a long sock with lots of knots in it will work like a rope or tug toy, or a long sock with a couple of tennis balls knotted into the sock ... we will want to see photos of Dudley with his homemade toy please :) :)

How long now until he comes home?
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Ahh I know what it is like waiting for your puppy day .... well worth the wait though .. I can promise you that :) :)
We get Tilly soft toys from a charity shop, usually 50p a time. A lot cheaper than pet stores.
She also likes nothing better than a small plastic bottle so putting one in an old sock seems a good idea.
I have seen many cuddly toys in charity shops and I know friends of ours buy them for their dog, I have just wondered whether there could be any danger with the fillings if ripped open, or am I just being over cautious?
if they are a dog that eats the stuffing, then no stuffed toys are good for them....Lady can only have stuffingless toys, also if the ones from the charity shops have hard noses and eyes, the dogs often try to rip off and eat those too....so you just have to be careful.
Plastic bottles are always a favourite inside a sock on on their own. If you give one either remove the plastic lid and ring or watch carefully as they do like to chew this piece. Once its about to break take that little bit away.

Millie also has a tendency to an empty wine or beer bottle too :D Can't imagine why.
Empty loo rolls are good.

Not all dogs destroy their toys, I think Millie has only written on 3 in the past 10 months. One of her favourite are the very soft latex balls that look like they wont last 5 minutes, but in fact are very sturdy.

I tied a number of thick shoelaces together in lots of knots and that must have been Biscuit's favourite toy. Also, plastic bottles filled with dried pasta with a taped up lid is fun - although this one needs to be supervised in case they tear through the bottle. I also stuffed an old fleece sock with other socks and he loved that too. Empty egg boxes and loo rolls and empty cereal boxes are great if they enjoy shredding!

He's enjoyed these things far more than anything I bought him. He takes no interest in rope toys!

He's never destructed anything yet and has not been a chewer of 'forbidden things' as a stag bar seemed to fulfil all his needs when teething.
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Poor Bonnie has never had a fluffy toy, Dexter rips every soft toy up in minutes! They will both play with plastic bottles for hours!
Hi, gosh I dread to think what we've spent n dog toys, some of which get destroyed within 10mins of having them!! I've tried socks stuffed with socks
These las a while and are at least free. Anything with stuffing or rope in our
House just doesn't last. The best thing we've ever bought is stag bars, there
Fab our dogs love them. We have around 5 shattered around the house, there
Not cheap but well worth it. I'm always on the look for the so called indestructible toy, so if anyone finds it please et me know.
A brick? only joking please don't tell me they are totally unsuitable!! well already got 3 shop bought toys so socks/bottles and cardboard tubes will all be tested before I buy any more. Thanks.
Great idea for a thread! I love the idea of homemade toys. Scarlett destroyed all of her puppy teething toys that I bought, and it felt like a huge waste of money (some I had to throw out the first time she played with them!). Kendal has this wonderful idea of freezing a knotted old tea towel and Scarlett loves this one! Especially for teething. She also loves water bottles, we just have to keep an eye on her and we throw them out once she gets a hole in it so that she doesn't swallow the plastic. She likes playing with the tubes from bathroom tissue and paper towels, but she has them all chewed up and destroyed in seconds, and then I have to pick up a million tiny pieces so that she doesn't eat them. I give them to her when I have time to sit with her and watch her. I really love the idea about socks or tennis balls inside socks, and tying a bunch of shoelaces into knots as well.
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