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Well... can't believe Hope is 16 weeks already! although feels like she has been here forever she has fitted into our lives so well! thought some updated photo's were long overdue!!

(sorry bit of a long one!)

Hope is picking up on Ben's diabetic hypo's more regularly now (for anyone who doesn't know our story, I am training Hope myself to detect and alert ourselves if our 3 year old goes into dangerous levels due to his type 1 diabetes).... The alerts aren't necessarily very clear yet, but we are getting their... However last week I was amazed by her even more:-

Ben was upstairs playing in his bedroom, he wasn't quite due for his finger prick, however I thought I would do it early as his levels have been a bit irratic lately... I was shocked and scared to find him passed out on his bedroom floor :eek: After a finger prick he showed as 2.4 (one of the lowest readings he has ever given)... luckily Ben stirred and was alert enough to drink his apple juice, however he was still unable to stand and very shaky, so I carried him downstairs and placed him on the sofa... Why am I telling you this??? WELL! looking back I realised then why Hope had gone from being asleep in her bed to running around the front room like a loon just before I went upstairs (I just assumed it was a mad five minutes! or was it??)...
Once I put Ben on the sofa, Hope immediately broke away from her looney running around, jumped up onto the sofa, put one paw on Bens leg and barked!! Treats to hand (luckily) I gave her one... however what she then did amazed me more!! She then lay with her head calmly on Ben's lap and stayed their for approx 10-15mins (unheard of as she is normally a right wriggle bum!), then got up and went off into the backgarden... litteraly a split second later Ben got really excited jumping up and down about an advert on the tv!!! So not only did she detect the hypo, she then lay with Ben until he came out of the hypo!!! I wouldn't believe it, hadn't I seen it with my own eyes!!! Goes without saying that Ben loves her (afterwards he said with a big smile, that Hope made him better :) )

One very proud mummy :D

At the time of the above incident I couldn't help but reach for the camera (not nice seeing Ben looking so poorly, but I put a couple of others with Ben and his partner in crime looking more like themselves!)

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