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Hot Dogs?

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Hi everyone
We are on the final countdown with only 4 days to go till Charlie comes home so just looking at the last few bits and I could do with some advice
Please excuse stupid questions but....
Lots of people talk about hot dogs chopped up as a treat/training titbit - what hotdogs do you use and I presume you cook them first?
What size puppy kong would you go for? Small of medium? The small looks really small???
Pigs ears - at what age is it safe the get these for him?
I've bought pet head shampoo - or should have i got puppy shampoo?

Sorry if these seem daft questions but i think im having my last minute panic. ( not helped by being on my fourth set of travel arrangements with 4 different pilots :mad:)
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Betty still has a small kong as a treat sometimes when I go out, i just stick some cream cheese and sausage in it and it keeps her occupied. I didn't want a big kong as I felt there would be too much in there, the small one is perfect for that.

As for hot dogs, i used the Herta ones that just need cooking for a few minutes and chopped them into tiny pieces.

Betty is still tiny weeny though!:D I think she could climb inside a full sized kong.

The hot dogs I use are the ones in packets in the cooked meat isle, Frankfurters, chicken flavour. I cut them up into bite size chunks, pop them into snack bags or any small plastic bags and pop the bags in the freezer for later use. They defrost in a couple of hours.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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