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How did he chew up my floor???

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Jersey has been a bad boy! I left him for 45 minutes outside the cage thinking he couldn't get into any trouble with a barrage of toys and food.....HA.. Dude ate up my congoleum flooring in my office! What do you do when you want to leave for a little bit and don't want to confine them to their cage. I remember my dogs were able to do this when I was a kid. What's the deal with Jersey?
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How old is he?
Have you tried using something bigger than a cage, more like a large pen? I know it would be ideal to let him have free run of wherever you are, but sometimes that can help until he is older and more able to just relax alone.
Yep agree with Lia maybe til he's a bit older you just cant x x x
If I have to leave Dylan (7 months old) at home alone for a while, he has free run of the house as we are open-plan and I don't use a crate. I try not to leave anything vulnerable within reach (although I wouldn't have considered flooring a risk!!) and most times I leave him with a bone - the larger the better. That seems to keep him pretty busy and so far no damage - here's hoping that continues. I guess it just varies from dog to dog and I've been lucky, as I'm not sure what I would do if he was destructive - it would be hard in my house to manage.
try limiting how may toys he has, and keep a special toy than is lots of fun or one he enjoys and like to play with on his own for only when your gone.
Chloe eats the mail if she has free run of the house. When I go to work in the morn I confine her to the kitchen, with special toys only given when I leave. The mailman comes around 100:00 am. I return at lunch and let her have free run of the house. I take away the special toys at that time. The only thing she has chewed is the mail. She has gotten in trouble for that so she will just take one and chew it. Around and around we go. I say how dumb can I be ??? I am having the mail box moved to outside!!! I guess that is the trick with dogs, you just have to keep trying something different. Right?? In the end my goal is to let her have free run of the house.
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