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How easily did you "potty train"?

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Did you 'poo learn easily to be house trained? Or were there lots of accidents?

Benny learned rather easily. We used the bell technique. Here's what we did. In the beginning, whenever we'd take Benny out to do his business, we'd ring the bell as we walked out the door. As time went on, he learned that when the bell rang, he was going outside. So within a matter of weeks, he was ringing the bell when he had to go out. Aside from whenever he got sick over two and a half years, I don't think we had more than a dozen accidents in the house.

What was your experience in house training?
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Hey Dave, what sort of a bell was it? Like a tea bell or a service bell? I have two very smart cats that I can just see ringing the heck out of it to try to go out even though they are indoor but I would love to teach it to my puppy.
oh, good idea!!
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