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How much should I be feeding him

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My boy is 6 months old and weighs 11.2kg. How much do you all think I should be feeding him. I currently feed him about 130g 3 times a day. He looks bigger than he is because of his fur, but quite a few people have commented they can feel his ribs. He’s healthy with boundless energy, should I be giving him more?
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6 month old bouncy poodle crosses are usually fit and you can feel ribs in many - you need to look at the feeding guide of whatever food you are feeding as they vary so much in calories depending on the food. There are also lots of fat dogs around which people think is the norm and I would much rather see a youngster who is fit and lean .

If you think he is a little too lean you can up his food a little, for me feeling hip bones is definitely a bit too lean but feeling ribs does not overly worry me.
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