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How to get my cockapoo to swim

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Hey everyone my parents have a 9 year old cockapoo Barkley she is the sweetest thing ever but she is afraid of water. I was wondering how to train her to like the water I have put her in the water and held her from her bottom to see if she could swim and she instantly swam to he steps I would love for her to just jump or go in he pool freely. And also she has a large allergy problem and bites her paws constantly we have tried everything from vet Meds to nightly primrose oil for the skin but she still seems to bite hard to the point where she stops mid walk to bite any help with that would be great too. Thanks I'm going to try a chamomile tea foot soak maybe that will help south the itch.
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She is on a none wheat chicken and rice diet with fruits she is on IAMS healthy natural chicken and barley chicken rice barley and a little fish the vet said it could be grass the chemicals in grass catch between her pads on her paws. Don't know for sure


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Do any of you guys feed your cockatoo carrots Barkley get one at 7 and one before bed there her favorite snack
Thanks for the help RuthMill I'm going to try that coconut oil and see if that helps and cut back on the carrots
Thanks Lexi we have tried all types from blue buffalo to several other types this iams has no chicken by product corn or soy she loves it though
Thank you RuthMill I have put Barkley a 25 pound cockapoo on a twice a day 1/4 tsp of coconut oil and I have already noticed her itching and biting of pass has dramatically reduced by 50% so happy now.
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