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How to know if dogs came from Puppy Mills?

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How to know if dogs came from Puppy Mills? The website says If you are looking for a puppy, you have come to the right place. If we don't have the puppy of your dreams we will find it for you. Here at Puppy Place we hand select the puppies for you from only the best breeders.

--Do you think this is true? '

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It is always best to buy direct from the breeder rather than through any intermediary. Then you can see the mum and get more information about your pup.
I agree with Helen. If you don't meet the actual breeder you will have no idea what the conditions are like for the puppy and the parents. I think it's best, if you can, to 'buy direct'.
I wouldn't buy a puppy without meeting at least the mum and also the dad (if possible) as well as meeting the breeder and looking at where the dogs are kept and the puppies raised.
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