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How to know if dogs came from Puppy Mills? The website says If you are looking for a puppy, you have come to the right place. If we don't have the puppy of your dreams we will find it for you. Here at Puppy Place we hand select the puppies for you from only the best breeders.

--Do you think this is true? '

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Hi sogelxones,

"Puppy Mills" (American) and "Puppy Farms" (English) are a sad fact of life that exist purely due to human greed. They will never be wiped out as such as someone will always find someway of presenting a "facade" that will dupe some people.

There are a few simple things that a "customer" can do to avoid promoting their activities:

Either find a breeder through "Word of Mouth" - if you meet a dog out that looks exactly like what YOU want - stop the owner and ask them "Who; What; Where; When and Why" - any proud owner will love that fact that their dog caught your eye. Perhaps go to a place / event where you know you may come across the type of dog you are thinking of - say a Country Show or County Event.

You can always use a forum like this now - Post a question "Has anyone brought a puppy from ....."X"....or "Y" ??" - people on here will reply if they know of the breeder (though be warned: - even a site such as this is not immune to "players" - as it would easy for a breeder but set themselves up with several "accounts" and reply from each of them saying exactly what they want you to hear - and others too !!!) - Initially WATCH the forum for a while - you would start to see patterns from the same "User(s)" with regards to a specific breeder !!!

If the breeder has a "website" - Google them too - that way you get a chance of seeing lots of threads where they have been mentioned (Though this too HAS to be taken with a pinch of salt - as it is very easy for a disgruntled breeder to start spreading something about a competitor - and a "UNJUST" bad reputation would be very very very difficult to recover from - and could easily knock a "good guy" out of the game).

Be more wary of the "Puppy Broker" as you describe above - I personally cannot think of a need to go through a 3rd Party to buy YOUR pet. If you don't have the time nor inclination to put in the legwork and find YOURSELF a puppy - then should you really own one ?? (May sound harsh - but "a dog is not just for Christmas !" as the saying goes and a dog can be with you for anything from 12 -15 years AND they become part of Your FAMILY very quickly - so the initial search shouldn't be undertaken lightly.

I suppose that the best way by far is - to actually visit 2 or 3 different breeders (with eyes open) be prepared to ask anything YOU want - ask to see anything YOU want - some breeders are more "secretive" / "restrictive" than others - others will show you everything they do and how they do it (it's up to you to feel happy with each situation) - and never take your cheque book - ALWAYS walk away and discuss privately how you felt - a good breeder will never do Hard-Sell (they don't have to) and would happily let YOU make up YOUR mind.
IF you go anywhere and they can't show you MUM - walk away - as viewing the mum is vital - we believe that she gives 60% to the resultant puppy - if she is nervous so will the puppy be - if she is snappy so will the puppy be.
We personally don't subscribe to the "One Stop Shop" where a breeder almost has a "Menu" of different breeds of dog they do - BUT it is not to say that they are not genuine loving caring breeders !
If you are looking to view a "one-off" litter from a "family pet" watch the ads for a while - see how often they advertise litters.

Hope this helps.

Stephen xx

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Excellent advice as always above ....

Have a look on Breeders Online .... pick a few .. call the breeders whether Professional/ Hobby or one of breeders... Meet them and their dogs, mum must be seen, hopefully dad too, but be happy with the people you are buying from ....

I am a great believer in PEOPLE... I like people and only buy cars, houses, my dogs etc from people I like and trust ... I only have workmen in our house who I like .... feel happy with your purchase ... this is your pet after all....

And remember all breeders think there breed is the best that is why they breed them ... so just know what you want before visiting ... a few phone calls or emails can help before you visit....

Good choice picking a cockapoo .. they are a fun breed to own btw :)
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