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hey you will need to get a www.photobucket.com account or one of the other image holding sites.

hope thees videos help.

how to set up a photobucket account and add photos to your account

how to post a photo from photobucket to forum

found this on another forum thaught it might be help full hear.
People still ask how to use Photobucket to post piccies on the forum so here's some simple (ha! ha!) instructions. First of all you need to create a free account with http://www.photobucket.com
Then use their instructions to upload your piccies. You should find these instructions towards the right hand side of the page about one third of the way down the screen. Just click on "choose files" as shown in the image below and navigate to the folder on your computer that contains the photos.

Once you've uploaded them you can edit them so that they aren't huge when you post them onto the forum. Large pictures usually mean that people will have to scroll across the screen to see them and to read your message. The edit option is shown above the image that you want to alter. When you want to post the photo on the forum you just need to hold the mouse over the image and you'll see the link options appear below the image. You need to highlight and copy the IMG code.

Finally paste the code into your message and click on the preview button to make sure that you're happy with your work. Then click on submit.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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