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How Wet Did You Get?

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Well I finally had a walk in seriously wet rain, the sort of weather I'd expected in November which never came.

Poor Millie even with her coat on was rather bedraggled by the end it.

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She was a bit hesitant to get out the car this morning, but once out and about she was fine. The ducks who usually just hang around the lake where far and wide today and I know she loves to chase them, given the chance. But for reason, she was listening to me when I said No and Leave - and she did ! :)
I haven't ventured our yet today, hoping it will ease off a little later? An sick of getting very wet, Obi doesn't care, infact he seems to like it.
awwww. so sweet. she does well posing for you.
hope that you both get to have a nice and warm cuddle later
Does her coat keep her dry then? It's very smart.
Does her coat keep her dry then? It's very smart.
The bits that are covered by the coat keep very dry. Its the legs, undercarriage and head that still get wet.

Outhwaites do do a coat that has an undercarriage that I use in winter, but its slightly padded and feel it will be too hot at this time of year. I may contact them and ask them to make on that is similar but in a summer weight.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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