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I am so scared,,,, Pearl had her spay today and has been rushed to hospital.

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Hey all,

I am so so so scared, Pearl went for her spay today and we have been told there have been complications and she has been rushed to Manchester Animal hospital? Does this happen often? I feel sick with worry and can't stop crying.

She is like my baby,,, even Eric our older poo is off his food and moping around. Almost like her knows something is wrong.

Will keep you up to date when i know more.

A very worried Sara
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Oh Sara, I am so sorry...I am sure she is in good hands....and we are sending you postitive and healthy vibes...Did they test her for being able to go under anesthesia?
Have they told you what the complications were?
Big hugs coming your way.
And I know they are like our children.
She is in the best place so chin up and I am sure she will be ok. Did they give you a reason for the emergency?
Oh so worrying, lots of good vibes coming your way! Please keep us updated.
Oh gosh...I can't imagine what you must be going through. She is in the right place though. Sending you big hugs. Xx
So sorry to hear this and I have my fingers and toes crossed that all is well with Pearl. As everyone else has said she is in the best place.

Oh Sara .. thinking of you .. Please keep us updated ...

Lots of Cockapoo love coming your way ... and of course to Pearl xxxx
i do hope everything is going to be okay for Pearl - I presume she had a reaction to the anaesthetic?
cockapoo healing vibes to you all x
What a worry for you! I am sure she is in good hands.

Sending hugs your way.
Thinking of you all, poor Pearl xx
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So sorry to hear that Pearl is unwell - sending you both big hugs :) x
OMG how awful :( I really hope little pearl is okay! The poor little thing, hope you have some news soon, please keep us informed. Fingers crossed everything is fine x
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for good news :hug:
Oh how awful and worrying for you! I'm sure little pearl is in good hands and fingers crossed she is back in your arms soon. Sending get well vibes xxx
You poor thing, how worrying for you all.
Big hugs for you all. :hug:
So sorry to hear about Pearl, I'm sure she is in good hands. We will all be waiting for an update.
Thinking of u and pearl, and ur other Cockapoo xxx

Jeanie x
Sounds like she is in safe hands but hope she soon makes a full recovery and is back home with you.
Thinking of you and hope Pearl gets better and comes him quickly xxx
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