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Hi! I've been lurking a while and wanted to introduce myself finally.

My name is Ed, and I own the CockapooCrazy.com website and FB page, but more importantly, my wife and I have an awesome cockapoo named Albion.

We don't always see eye to eye (Albi and I, not my wife!) and training the little guy has been an interesting ride, but I definitely think we have become best friends. I hate to be separated from my little brown furry buddy.

We've had a few medical scares in the past...twice I was sure he was a goner. He's just so curious and always wants to get into something. I watch him like a hawk, but he's a clever little rogue! Leave something down for a split second, and if he knows he's not supposed to touch it and you turn away, goodbye!

We're working on that.

He's smart as a whip, graduated top of his class. I guess that's normal for cockapoos, but it still amazes me. Albion is my first dog, although I grew up with them off and on. As soon as I got him, I began reading and studying every available piece of literature, watching videos, and learning everything I could about cockapoos and dogs in general.

Sharing that passion became a passion itself, so I created the website and eventually a book. the site continues to grow and surprise me with its popularity. I never would have believed there were so many others out there who felt the same way about their cockapoo as I did, and wanted to know all they could learn about them.

Cockapoo owners are some of the friendliest people I've ever met...is this a trait rubbing off on us from our cockapoos? Is it a coincidence? I don't know, but it's true. I've met so many wonderful, caring, helpful people so far. And I know there are thousands more to meet.

Today Albion had a tummy upset last night and this morning, so my parenting instinct went into overdrive. He is fine now, woofing at noises and playing around. I can't imagine life without a pup now. Amazing how much we love our little buddies, and how fast they become a family member.

Anyways, thanks for having me on the forum, which is certainly one of the best sites for cockapoo owners on the web.
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