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i think Gypsys depresed

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my has gone to blackpool and wont be back till tomorrow evening, she left at 9 this morning and Gypsy only came off the moddle landing about an hour ago and is lieing behind me, she doesnt want her dinner. dont think she is happy. she has been supper atached to my mum resently wanting to go everywhere with her. so i think she is realy missing my mum. poor girl
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Poor Gypsy, Poppy sends her a big hug a a huge sloppy cockapoo kiss :p
Only just seen this, poor Gypsy .... I hope she was better once your Mum was back x x
It's nice that she loves your mum so much, I think it's cute xxx
i let her sleep in my room that night, she did eventualy eat. but spent the next day on the middle landing, took her and Eccho to my papas they braught her back and she went back on the midle landing again waiting for my mum.

she has bee much hapier since mum cam back. but wouldnt come a walk with me today even though mum had already left, she normaly comes if mum isnt in the house. she is a very odd dog.
Kd is exactly the same when hayley isnt here,she is hayleys shadow and hayley told me the other day that kenya is the same when im not here,bless! xxx
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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