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Hi to you all again
Thanks for welcome messages.
I have a beautiful 2yr old black cocckerpoo with white chest .She's so friendly to anyone or anything she comes across and she loves playing with our 7yr old german shepherd. Am really considering letting her have one litter but need to know all the risks, tests and costs involved first so any help would be great.

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some questions you should ask yourself before breeding.

what are your reasons for breeding.

can you afford the time needed to raise a litter.

would you be able to be with her at the drop of a hat if she went into labor.

what happens if she rejects the litter (rare but can happen) can you afford the time needed to hand rear a litter of pups. or if the mum cant produce enough milk or you have a week pup that needs a little extra.

if their are complications can you get to your vet quickly.

just like in humans dogs can die during the birth(again rare but can happen)

can you afford the time to home check and police check the owners who want your pups.

i would talk to you vet and see what test you should get, i know about the eye tests but cant remember the other one. also some cocker's and cockapoos can suffer from hip displasia.

as for cost, you have vet bills for the tests, check ups for mum, and then mum and pups after, vaccination of the puppies, microchipping (optonal but can save the owners doing it at a later date) food any repairs to your house some times carpets need to be replaced in the room the pups were kept. i don't think any treatment during the pregnancy is covered in normally insurances, as it is your choice to breed her.

if a pup gets stuck or the mum needs a cesarean section you will need to cover the bill yourself.

you should get a list of people who want pups before you breed.

if something happens with the family are you able to take a pup back at a later date to rehome or keep.

there is a lot to think about, i would advise you to read as much as possible and talk to your vet and possible some breeders.
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