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I went out for the first time since getting Olive!

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Having a puppy is just like having a baby in some ways! I've left Olive in her crate for up to 3 hours, but tonight was the first time my husband and i have gone out since getting Olive. My mom came to stay with the kids and the puppy. She says it went well. I was a bit worried about taking a step back with house training, but decided to just forget about it and have fun! Turns out she didn't have any accidents so nothing to worry about anyways. I was gone for 6 hours and when we walked in the door Olive ran to me. Then she peed. She's never done that before, but i've also never left her for that long. Is that normal? I know it's because she was excited, but i'm hoping it won't happen every time I come home.

I really need to start leaving her with other people though. I'm noticing that she is getting really attached to me. I am the one that provides her with most of her care because my husband works a lot and the kid sare at school. Even though i am home during the day i make sure to crate her and leave for a few hours. SHe's good when i leave her, but she's been really needy with me the past week when i am home. She wants to be touching me at all times and as uch as i love to cuddle with her that is getting annoying!
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I think Olive is just sorting out her pack - she will see you as leader and so will shower you with love and affection - Treacle is the same with me - it does ease off a little but wherever i go, she goes!
I worried that our relationship was too intense [OMG sounds Mills and Boon!] but getting Clyde has helped and TBH it is lovely to be loved so much x
Treacle always greets me first if we all arrive home together and she does everything I ask of her - so on a positive Training should go well for you!
I think just keep doing what your doing she will be fine,Buddy would always follow me everywhere so while i was cleaning he would be up and down like a jack in the box ,this has eased off a little lately and at night he's quite happy to sleep in the hall even though we're all in the lounge (think he likes sleeping on the cold tiles)

As for the weeing my mums dog does this yes its when their excited and i think more commen in girls ,prehaps try ignoreing her when you enter the house wait a few minutes till shes carmed down tell her to sit then make a fuss of her this may help.
The excited pee thing is normal....Lucky you she only does it for you....Lady used to do it to whomever would give her a really good pet.

Lady is very attached to me too. I do all the feeding. but my husband is the one who is home more often. she always comes to me first. and if i get up, so does she, she is my little shadow.
Well done Jaime for going out. It is a big step.

The wee thing is completely normal and wont happen forever. Olive was just so excited to see you she had a widdle. That will get better as her bladder muscle improves.

Millie is a mummy's girl too. She will always give me an enormous greeting when I've been out, almost trying to get inside me :D But she will also know to greet my husband more when I've popped out to pick him up from the station/work. She seems to know he's been out longest.

Millie will often follow me around the house, esp in the beginning. She still does 9 times out of 10. But now she will happily take herself off if she wants to entertain herself.

When we're out walking, if I run back to the poo bin and hubby keep on walking with Millie, she'll stop and come back for me as if to round me up.

From what I've heard dogs do attach more to one member of the family than others. Its just the way it is - enjoy it. Cockapoo's just love company.

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Smudge is te same, if I have been out for 5 mins or5 hours, she is just bursting to see me and have cuddles..............but I love it!! She just makes me feel special all the time. It is one reason I chose a cockerpoo because they are sooooo affectionate and loyal. Can't see the point of having a dog if they are going to be aloof. Personally I find it soo cute, that she follows me around like a shadow. I do put her in her pen for 'alone' time, but that is more for smudges benefit, so she is a well rounded and balanced dog.
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