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Young Spartacus accompanied me to the office the other day and I left him alone at my desk for a while as I attended a meeting. As you can see from the picture, when I returned I found him busily working away at my computer - he didn't see me creep up behind him so I was able to see what sites he was browsing!
Looks like he was posting on a site called ilovemyhuman.com which is clearly a covert site set up by cockapoos to comment on their owners secretly. Having read some of the threads and comments its obvious why they want to keep this a secret. Here are some of the threads that I saw being discussed -
They want to castrate me - how do I resist the urge to hump?
Why do they ignore me when I wee or poo in the house (and why do they say I 'had an accident').
Top tips for getting extra treats??
Human meet up at the pub - why can't I go too?
Execessive whining while watching the news on TV - how do I stop this?
Owners new outfit - looks a mess!
Why do they constantly try to brush my coat if they know I am going to roll in fox poo later anyway?

I will keep an eye on him and report back any other hot topics I find him discussing...........


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Haha I absolutely LOVE this! :)
Really mad me laugh :D
Me too ... very funny! And I love the picture too. :D
heeheehee! What a hard working doggie!!
Fantastic! I love it xx
ha ha ha ha ha
loving the imagination of cockapoos surfing the net!!!!!!!!!!!

london and devon????
what part of devon and when ????

i am trying to organise a meet....
would u be interested???
i can try to organise when ur in devon next???
the more cockapoos the better

marzy xx
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Hello! We're in east Devon, a village called Beer. We're down this weekend then not down again until 23rd, but staying til 2nd Jan if anyone is around between Christmas and new year. There's a lovely big beach in Branscombe that Sparty loves!
sorry is that exmouth way??
nature where beer is....
except in the pub lol xxxx
mar x
There's 3 pubs here- so plenty of beer in Beer, Marzy!!!
It's between Sidmouth and Lyme Regis but we're happy to travel if we're around when you're all meeting up!
I know Beer - I walked from Torquay to Lyme 2 summers ago and we stopped for a cold drink in Beer - unfortunately we couldn't get into the pub as the world cup was on! Beautiful village, lots of lovely doggy walking :)
sounds lovely
will see if we can get a few of us together for a meet in Jan then...

come on u devon cockapoo owners..
what's ur best dates for Jan ??
where's the best place to meet so dogs can be off lead ??
marzy xx
I love Beer....took mum in law there for a meal after a day out in Sidmouth earlier this year. Bit far for us though, sadly :)
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