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After what seems to have been the longest holiday ever [17 days] tonight just could not come quick enough!
We raced from the airport - dumped our cases in the hallway and straight back out to collect Treacle from Waggy-Tailz.
We pulled in at the gate and all the doggies came out to see who was here - along with a much bigger Treacle - she spotted us and came at full pelt to the gate , jumping up and going to all 4 of us in turn! Once out of the gate she jumped into my arms and licked me all over - up my nose , my face , my hair , my neck.......joyous reunion! Of course she remembered us!
She is sleeping on my feet as I type this after zooming around the house and garden.:D

Great report from Laura @ Waggy-tailz - she has eaten everything , played non stop with every dog , loved her walks and been part of the family! She thanked me for sharing Treacle with her and urged me to get her another playmate [we need no encouraging]

So all happy and planning a day at the beach tomorrow - cases still packed and school uniforms to get ready but it will all happen Sunday!:juggle:
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